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 Job Openings:

Instructional Aide Position

Description of Position

Under the supervision of the director, the instructional aide collaborates with a teacher to implement instructional strategies based on student needs. The instructional aide will assist teachers with instruction in math, reading, science, fieldwork and physical education in a mixed-age classroom. The aide will assist, support, and work closely with teachers, administrators, and other team members in providing educational benefit for students.

Experience and Education

• High school diploma or equivalent

• Training or experience that clearly demonstrates possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities detailed below is required.


Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate a deep commitment to the mission, values, and goals of Promontory School.

Major Responsibilities

• Works with an individual student or small group of students to reinforce learning of materials and skills initially introduced and outlined by teaching staff.

• Assists with physical education instruction for larger groups of students.

• Assists with larger groups of students, enabling the teaching staff to work with smaller focus groups.

• Assists teaching staff in devising special strategies for reinforcing learning materials and skills based on a sympathetic understanding of individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.

• Monitors instruction, work, activities, and behavior of students as assigned by the teaching staff.

• Performs clerical, classroom maintenance, and instructional duties as assigned by the teaching staff.

• Alerts the teaching staff to any problem or special information about an individual student or students.

• Performs assigned supervision of students as assigned by the teaching staff.

• Demonstrates ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students in school environment and community.

Other Information:

• Up to 29 hour a week

• Working days follow our school calendar

• $9.50/hour or more, depending on education and experience

• Position constitutes an employee at-will

Work for the aides positions will begin on August 15th

 To Apply: 

Please email Mr. Jamie McKay (Promontory Director) at  Include a resume if you have one ready, or even a paragraph or two describing your experience.

Candidates without a two-year college degree (or higher) will need to pass a national paraprofessional exam, testing basic skills in elementary subject areas. The school will pay for this exam. All candidates must pass the state background check.

If you have any questions, please email Jamie.