Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a different kind of public school that is funded by the state, but is not part of a regular school district and instead functions as an independent public school. Charter schools are subject to the same laws and regulations as other public schools, conforming to laws regarding religion in schools, school fees, civil rights, annual reports, and health and safety regulations.

If my child is accepted into Promontory School, will his or her siblings also be accepted?

Siblings of currently enrolled students are given preference, and the practical result of this is that all siblings are usually enrolled. Occasionally, families may have to wait for an opening, but that is rare.

Will my students need to re-enter the enrollment lottery each year?

No, once your student is accepted into the school, their enrollment is permanent.

Who can attend a charter school?

Charter schools are open to all students, regardless of race, religion, gender, status, or other preference just as any other public school. Charter schools may limit enrollment based on capacity, which means students are sometimes placed on a waiting list if there are more applications than spots available.

What is the tuition?

There is NO tuition. Promontory is a public charter school and receives funding from the State of Utah just as every other public school does.

Does Promontory charge fees?

Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning will follow all Utah State Rules related to charging school fees as outlined in R277-407. Fee's will be set, approved, and published each school year by Promontory's Board of Directors. The fee schedule will be posted on our website and distributed to all parents or guardians annually.

Are teachers certified?

Yes. Teachers are certified and meet state board requirements.

Does Promontory have a specialization area?

Promontory is affiliated with EL Education (Expeditionary Learning) with over 145 partner schools in 29 states. Rather than focusing special attention on one subject area, Expeditionary Learning is an overall approach to learning that focuses on in-depth, interdisciplinary study of a topic. It is a very hands-on approach that emphasizes care, service, and the creation of high quality products that preserve and demonstrate learning while also providing service to the community (See Expeditionary Learning section for more information).

Do Promontory students wear uniforms?

Yes. A dress code that specifies acceptable color and type of clothing is used at the school to encourage order, simplicity, and to focus student attention on learning. (See our Uniform Policy for more details.)

Is there be a bus service?

No. Charter schools do not draw students from a limited area like regular public schools, so providing transportation is not practical. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school. Car-pools are encouraged, as well as arrangements with public transportation where feasible.

Is school lunch offered?

Yes. Promontory participates in the federal food program and offers a healthy menu for lunch  daily. Lunch will be provided at a minimal cost for students and staff.

(View our current Lunch Menu.)

I have a lot of questions, can I speak with someone?

Yes. You may refer to the Contact Us page to send us inquiries, or call our school directly at 435-919-1900.

Are parents welcome to visit and/or volunteer?

We encourage parents to be an active part of the school community. They are always welcome to arrange a time with their child's teacher to visit or volunteer in the classroom. We are asking that parents contribute 30 hours of service to the school in any way they are able during the year.