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2022-2023 Book List!

Read books! Earn books!


  1. Pick a book off of the Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Book List below and READ!!!

  2. Once you have completed the book, login to the library catalog (your user name = student/lunch number and your password = birthday in MMDDYYYY format). Look up the book you have read, click the star by the book, and write your own review of it. Tell what you liked and what you didn't. Tell your favorite parts and whether you would recommend the book to a friend. Your book review will be posted the next day.

  3. You will  get a collectible book mark for each book you read. See how many you can collect!  Also for every 5 books  read  on any booklist, students will earn a token for our Book Vending Machine! The more you read, the greater the rewards.

To see the Beginning Book List, click HERE.

To see the Intermediate Book List, click HERE.

To see the Advanced Book List, click HERE.

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