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Amber Schenavar

5/6 Crew Teacher

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Amber was born in Brigham City, Utah and was raised just to the west in beautiful Cache Valley.  After marrying her sweetheart, they relocated to Brigham City and have been here ever since. 

As a mom to four kids, Amber wanted them to have the best education possible, which means not only learning math, science and reading, but also character traits that would teach them to be responsible adults.  This is why she enrolled her kids at Promontory.


After graduating with a BS and MBA in Human Resource Management from Columbia Southern University, Amber decided that was not the career path she wanted to follow.  After working as a teacher’s aide for Mrs. Duncan at Promontory, Amber decided that being a teacher was her calling in life. 


Amber loves teaching at an expeditionary learning school because the learning is hands on and student driven. She enjoys guiding students as they become experts and create quality work all while developing positive character traits.


In her free time you can find Amber cooking, reading, or spending time with her family.

One of Amber's favorite quotes is, "Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me." -Carol Burnett

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Celeste Whipple

5/6 Crew Teacher

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Celeste Whipple was born and raised in a little city across the peninsula from Seattle, called Port Orchard. Her father’s career with the government brought her to the mountain west during her time in high school. Going from a beautiful rain forest to the incredible mountain range of the Wasatch Front was a bit of a change, but one that has grown on her.

Celeste’s hobbies include softball, bowling, hiking, biking, reading, music, and spending time with her loving family. Her husband is a teacher in Ogden, and her children range from 9th grade to kindergarten. They all LOVE soccer and music.

Celeste is thrilled to have been brought on to the Promontory crew. She likes Expeditionary Learning because it is a way for students to hold themselves and their peers to high expectations for quality work, commitment to learning, and character. 

One of Celeste's favorite quotes is "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."  - Maya Angelou

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Becky Cornelius

5/6 Crew Teacher

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It wasn't until she was voted "Most likely to become a teacher" in her senior high school yearbook that Becky Cornelius actually considered teaching for a career, and soon thereafter, knew it was what she was supposed to do. After graduating from BYU with a husband, baby, and degree in Art Education K-12 with a minor in Math Education, she started teaching 4th grade at a private school. Since then, she has had three more kids and taught on and off (sometimes being a stay-at-home mom) at various private schools and community ed programs--almost every subject and age group. She loves older elementary kids and is delighted to be in the 5/6 community. 

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Becky discovered a fondness for smaller communities as she lived in Provo, Logan, and then Brigham before settling in Perry. She would live in a forest in the mountains if she could, as nature is always a calming retreat, especially camping, hiking, and exploring. Hands-on experiences and adventures are the best as her main hobby is learning--moving from one fun skill to another, including every art medium, home remodeling, wood working, cooking, canning, quilting, crocheting, running, nutrition, and more.

Her greatest joy is seeing the light-bulb moments of learning and excitement in a child's life when their efforts finally "click." She is thrilled to bring her enthusiasm and passion for immersive experiential learning to Promontory where it is considered an integral part of the educational philosophy. One of her favorite quotes is by the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

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Julia Scott

5/6 Crew Teacher

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