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Drop Off/Pick Up Rules

  • Absolutely NO LEFT-HAND TURNS into the school parking lot during drop off/pick up.  This is a city regulation and police officers will ticket drivers who violate this regulation.  Please make substitute drivers aware of this rule.

  • If you desire to use the parking lot, you MUST be parked in an actual parking spot.  Waiting in the drive lane of the parking lot clogs up the lot and poses danger to our students.  If you arrive early and it is safe to do so, please back in to the parking stall.

  • Keep the parking lot entrance open while waiting so others can turn in if needed.

  • When dropping off in front of the school, please pull along the curb as far east as you can.  You can pull past the cross walk to wait along the curb.  This allows more cars to wait at the curb at one time.

  • The middle lane in front of the school is meant to be used to "leap frog" around cars waiting at the curb.  Therefore, if you are waiting at the curb and there are openings further ahead, it is expected that you will pull away from the curb into the middle lane, drive up and pull in to the opening.  This will greatly reduce wait times for everyone.

  • If you are dropping off/picking up on the west side of the building, when you exit the lot please swing wide and go to the far left lane that runs in front of the school.  This leaves the middle and right lanes open for people who are dropping off/picking up in front of the school.

  • No parking on 2700 South or 1050 West during school hours.

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