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Trust Land Council

Trust Land Council Members:

The governing board for Promontory School also serves as the school community council.  A list of members and contact information is located HERE


To see Promontory School's Bylaws, click HERE

Trust Land Council Meeting:

Meetings of the community council are held as part of the scheduled governing board meetings.  A calendar identifying the dates of board meeting can be found clicking on the desired school year once you go HERE.

Trust Land Council Agendas and Minutes:

Agendas and Minutes from Governing Board meetings can be located HERE.

Teacher and Student Success Plan:

To view Promontory's current Teacher and Student Success Plan click HERE.


Trust Land Council Budget:

Promontory School uses School LAND Trust funds to employ classroom aides in every classroom for up to 29 hours per week.  To see Promontory's School LAND Trust budget, please click HERE.  To see Promontory's School LAND Trust fund awards over the past years, please click HERE.

Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning Reports:

To view Promontory's learning reports click HERE.

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