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Board Chair/Trustee

School Land Trust Council Member

Michelle Flynn lives in Willard, Utah with her husband and four children. She's a stay-at-home mom after working in retail management for over 10 years specializing in operations management and logistics. After moving from San Diego, CA she and her husband started a construction company which she manages from home.

Michelle has a background in theater and music and attended a performing arts school growing up. She was a member of a vocal jazz ensemble and show choir for many years and majored in music business management in college.

Michelle has coached her son's baseball teams for the Willard youth baseball league for the past five years as well as volunteered for various local events in the community like Peach Days, local farmers markets, and fruit stands. Michelle loves being immersed in all the community has to offer and believes there's nothing more important than the school our children attend and their futures, so she volunteers weekly at Promontory school.


Michelle is looking forward to her role on the governing board and is excited to be a part of the future of Promontory. 


Board Treasurer/Trustee

School Land Trust Council Chair

My name is Emily Morgan, a devoted professional, wife, and mother of two wonderful children—a daughter and a son. As an enthusiastic businesswoman, I relish the myriad of challenges and rewards that come with being an entrepreneur and owning my own businesses.


My primary venture is a thriving tumbling and cheer facility, a passion project that brings me immeasurable joy each day I step foot into the premises. Witnessing the progress, growth, and fulfillment of the children as they achieve their goals is exceptionally gratifying.


During my leisure time, I find solace and tranquility on the shores of the beach. There is nothing quite like the serenity of sitting by the ocean, with my feet buried in the warm sand. It provides the perfect escape from the demands of work and allows me to rejuvenate for future endeavors.


Overall, my dedication to both my family and professional pursuits serves as a driving force in my life, and I am constantly seeking opportunities to excel and make a positive impact in all aspects of my journey.

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School Land Trust Council Member

Karen Braithwaite was raised in Mantua and has lived in Box Elder County most of her life.  She graduated with a bachelor's degree in elementary education from BYU-Idaho in 2010.  After a brief period of church service in Poland, she came back to start teaching.  Karen taught one year in Granite School District in Salt Lake City during which time she married her sweetheart, Keaton.  Then she taught one year in Ogden school district.  After that she decided to take a break to be a stay at home Mom.  

Karen and Keaton have 4 children: Charles (7), Dorothy (5), Eleanore (3), and Florence (born October 4th, of this year).  Karen loves spending time with her family doing things like camping, hiking, swimming, playing board games, and reading stories.  She also has a great love for music and has taught piano on and off for almost 20 years.  Karen joined the Utah Music Teachers Association in 2019 to further her pedagogy education and expand her musical capabilities and contributions. 


Karen is now happy to be a part of the Promontory community and is excited to serve on the board this year.  



School Land Trust Council Member

Zach Davis was born and raised in Brigham City and currently lives in West Corinne. He is the oldest of seven kids and they all grew up on a small farm raising cows, wheat, and alfalfa. He
worked on a larger dairy farm in Corinne while going through high school. His favorite thing to do was cut hay because he loved the smell of the fresh-cut hay. Running tractors and working the ground was, and still is, another of his favorites.  Zach, his father, and brother now farm about 150 acres.  Zach loved to play sports and go hunting and camping with his family. He would play
baseball in the summer when time permitted, and then go hunting in the fall. He still likes to play some city league softball through the summer and fall. 

When Zach graduated from high school he got a job working at Bear River Valley Co-op in the tire shop. He loved learning about mechanics and tires and would go out on the service truck to fix tractor tires for the farmers.  He loved getting to know
everyone. He has worked at the co-op for almost 19 years now and has worked his way up and now manages the Country Store.


Zach loves to learn new things and loves helping others. He has
a beautiful wife and three awesome boys, two of which are now attending Promontory School and the other one will next year. He likes the way his kids get to learn at Promontory. He hasalways been a more hands-on learner and thinks it's a good experience for them also.


Zach also loves learning about our history and the way our country came to be. He loves our freedoms and will always stand up for
them. He joined the board because of the world we live in today. He wanted to know more about how the school system works and desired to be more involved in what our kids were being taught. Zach is excited to see what things he can learn from this position and hopes to do a good job for everyone.



School Land Trust Council Member

Amy Rich is happily married and finds great joy in her five children. She graduated from the University of California at Irvine, majoring in nutrition.  During that time she played on the university tennis team.  She continues to teach tennis lessons in her spare time.

In addition to her collegiate education she has also studied and been licensed as a nutrition coach, personal trainer, barber, and massage therapist.  Amy has also served as a doula.

Her diverse education and life experiences lead her to encourage others to study and pursue a wide range of interests while helping others along the way.  Her current passions are her kids and husband and helping them progress.

Amy loves serving on the governing board at Promontory.  It gives her great insight into the education and future of her children and those around her.  She is grateful for the opportunity.



School Land Trust Council Member


Stephanie Quintero.JPG

Board Vice-Chair/Trustee

School Land Trust Council Member

Stephanie Quintero lives in Perry with her husband, two boys, and two dogs. She grew up in Box Elder County with her parents and younger brother. Her father worked and retired from the Box Elder County Sheriff’s office and her mother owns her own business. From a young age she learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and being a part of something greater than herself. In her adolescence she was a part of the masonic youth organizations and traveled all over the state attending functions, fundraisers, and meetings. She worked her way to holding state officer positions for several years. She also was awarded Youth of the Month and Youth of the Year through Boys and Girls Club of Utah. After high school she attended the University of Utah for her general studies education. Later, she transferred to Weber State University where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Minor in Legal Studies.

Stephanie met her husband during college, they were married in 2012 just before he left to be a part of the United States Army. For the last decade, Stephanie and her family have navigated military life. Even with its ups and downs, her husband's promotions, and deployments, she holds a special place in her heart for the love of her country and protection for her family and others. Since 2014, Stephanie has worked for the Box Elder County Attorney Office, where she is the Paralegal Supervisor and Software Administrator.

Stephanie and her husband value the importance of a great education, with emphasis on more than just academic scores. After looking into several schools and diligent research, they hoped to enroll their son in Promontory School of expeditionary learning. After putting their son on the lottery list, they were excited when they got the news that their son was selected for the start of his education. Stephanie’s passion for her family only continues to grow, from the stepping stones she learned in her youth. 


Stephanie looks forward to being a part of Promontory school’s future and growth by honoring her role on the governing board for years to come.

Dobson, Dorothy.jpg

Accountability Officer/Trustee

School Land Trust Council Member

Dorothy Dobson was born and raised in Southern California, a frustrated country girl in the middle of the city.  She moved to Utah to attend Utah State University.  After graduation, she taught Special Ed on the Navajo Reservation for two years.  Dorothy then taught in Salt Lake City for seven years.  When she met her husband, Cody, she returned to Cache Valley and taught at Edith Bowen School on campus at Utah State University for twenty-two years.  When she retired (the first time), she administered a First Amendment Schools grant at Edith Bowen for a year, then worked as a reading aide at Canyon Elementary School for a year before becoming a lecturer at Utah State, teaching undergraduate courses to elementary education majors.  After six years at USU, the pull to work with kids again became too strong to ignore.  When she heard about Promontory, she was TOTALLY on board with EL Education, and was thrilled to be hired as a fifth/sixth grade teacher.  Promontory’s first five years were her last five years as a classroom teacher.  When she retired for the second (or maybe third, if you count USU) time, she missed Promontory SOOO much!  Still does!

Dorothy enjoys reading, music, photography, traveling (which she has done a lot of since retiring, since her husband, who was a principal in Cache County School District, retired at the same time), and gardening.  She LOVES spending time with her grandkids; R.J. (9), Adeline (6), and Mina (19 months).  Unfortunately, they live in Georgia, where their dad (who is married to Dorothy’s daughter, Hannah) is stationed at Fort Benning.  Fortunately, being retired means she can visit more often!  She is also slightly obsessed with “Hamilton, An American Musical”, and has traveled to Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Chicago where she has seen it and gotten to know other raging (and wonderful) Hamilfans.  She has seen it six times SO FAR and has tickets for a Broadway performance in January.  (Yeah, “slightly” may be an understatement!)  Dorothy is working on a book teaching collaboration to upper elementary students using the admirable creative team of “Hamilton” as a role model. 

As Dorothy said, “I miss Promontory daily (although not the drive from Paradise, where I live), so I am excited to be on the Board, and hope it brings me to the school often!”

Becca Ashby.jpg


School Land Trust Council Member

Becca Ashby lives in Tremonton with her husband and three boys. Born in California and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, she enjoys the small-town life as long as she can visit the city often. She is a jack of many trades, and has experience in a variety of different fields. From childcare and early childhood education to health and fitness, being a small business owner or picking up and moving cross country, she isn’t afraid to take on a challenge.

She is happy to help where she can and always does her best to be patient and positive. She loves good food and traveling to new places but is happiest surrounded by her family.

Becca firmly believes that education is not one size fits all. After many years in the local school district, she started looking for something different that might cater better to her boys and their style of learning. Promontory always piqued her interest, but it wasn’t until after the COVID shut down in early spring 2020 that Becca and her family decided it was worth really looking into other options for the boys' education. For Becca’s family, and many families at the time, COVID was a chance to re-evaluate and re-arrange what daily life looked like. Promontory became a real option for her boys, and today all three of them thrive in the atmosphere that this school offers.

Becca now works in sales at Tarter Gate in Corrine, UT. After years of being able to help in the classroom, she missed being involved in the school community. The next best thing was to join the governing board. She is happy to serve and be a part such a diverse group who simply care about the kids and want them to succeed.


Trustee/Policy Crew

School Land Trust Council Member

Josie Beth Baxter Archibald grew up in Elwood, Utah. Being number 7 of 8 children she learned from a young age the importance of hard work, cooperative effort, and creative living. 


She went on to do her undergraduate work at Southern Utah University in Cedar City where she worked for the Utah Shakespeare Festival as a costume stitcher/dresser, marketing assistant, in the box office, and concessions. She was also very active in campus life serving on the Student Activity Board, eventually being elected to the Activities Vice President position. She graduated Magna Cup Laude with a degree in Public Relations, and was chosen as her graduating class commencement speaker.

Josie Beth currently lives in Brigham City with her husband and 4 kids. She is the General Manager of The Peak, a kid's activity center in town that offers many educational/training opportunities for local families. She began her school service 10 years ago, and has served on various Community Council Boards, and is a current & founding member of the Avery's Dream Foundation Board.  


As a "stay with me" parent, Josie Beth has been able to have her children by her side for the last 15 years as a working parent which has given her an unique perspective of how educational foundations can either help or hinder family life. She hopes to be of value and benefit to Promontory while using her skills and talents to reinforce the vision of the school while still being able to problem solve to ever changing student needs.


Officer/PoP! President

School Land Trust Council Member

Amber Jenks grew up in Layton and Ogden, UT. She attended multiple high schools as the result of family relocations, and the time she spent attending charter high schools was the most impactful on her love of learning. Amber worked in the Rides Department at Lagoon Amusement Park for 16 seasons, where she met her best friend and love of her life, Jarom. They married in 2007. Before deciding to become a stay-at-home mom in 2010, she worked as a Fraud Claims Specialist and part-time Administrative Assistant for Shell Canada and TCH, Inc.


In 2012, Amber’s family decided to make the move to Perry from Davis County. While she had previously said she would never live in a town so small (she clearly doesn’t know small towns), she now loves this area and never wants to leave. Aside from getting to live near family, one of the biggest draws for coming to Perry was the opportunity for their children to be able to attend school close to home at a wonderful K-8 charter school. 


Amber’s own personal educational experience with a charter school education led her to desire a similar experience for her children. The hands-on approach of the Expeditionary Learning model was especially appealing when considering young minds, and children who thrive on exploring and being active. The additional focus on Great Thinkers was another high point. She believes that when we learn from examples in our history, and combine that with our own experiences today, we can build a better tomorrow. 


Amber and Jarom have 5 children.  While their oldest daughter went through the traditional school system, the next three children have each attended Promontory School for their entire educational careers so far, and they each enjoy it. Their oldest is in 8th grade and his last year is bittersweet. Their youngest is certain that it is already her school too, even though she won’t attend until next school year. Promontory encourages a love of learning in a variety of ways. It has something for everyone. Even those not quite old enough yet. :) 


Amber loves Promontory School and is grateful for the opportunity she has been given to serve as the Parents of Promontory! (PoP!) President during the 2022-23 school year. She looks forward to working with teachers and staff, fellow board members, and most importantly -the parents-  this year. 

Financial Oversight

Under Utah Code Ann. Section 53G-7-309, the governing board receives a budget report each month. This budget report includes the following information: (i) the amounts of all budget appropriations; (ii) the disbursements from the appropriations as of the date of the report; and (iii) the percentage of the disbursements as of the date of the report. Budget reports are available for public review.

Stakeholders of Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning may report concerns of fraud, waste, abuse, or non-compliance directly to the School’s administration or board.  Alternatively, stakeholders may report such concerns directly to the Utah State Board of Education through their Public Education Hotline at (801) 538-7813. 

The Governing Board oversees the financial health of Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning. The Board has an Audit Committee comprised of the board president and the board financial coordinator. All budgets are approved by the Governing Board and published on the Utah Public Finance Website.

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