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April Stoddart

1/2 Crew Teacher

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April Stoddart grew up in an adventurous family being the 10th of 11 children.  She grew up in Utah and has lived in New York, Oregon and currently North Ogden with her husband and two kids.  

April home schooled her two children for 15 years and taught 6 years in a local commonwealth school.  She received her Bachelors of Science from Weber State University  and is working on her Masters of Education at WGU.  April taught at Maria Montessori and Capstone Classical Academy and is very excited to join the family here at Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning.

April loves to travel and learn about the world and cultures and what they have to teach us.  She wants to share that love of learning with her students and feels that Expeditionary Learning gives children the tools to explore the wonders of the world and how we each can make a difference.

April says, “The idea of letting the child learn from his/her environment and the tools provided for exploration is key to why Expeditionary Learning resonates with me. I feel that education is more than what you find in books. It is learning to see the world around us, learning from it, and finding our place in it. It’s about learning how we have an affect upon each other as well as our surroundings. I believe that children are born with an innate curiosity and desire to learn. By providing various opportunities to explore the world around them, reading classical, living books and using hands-on tools as way of learning concepts, that innate curiosity and a love of learning is born.“

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Jennifer Delaney

1/2 Crew Teacher

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Jennifer Delaney is a lifelong learner and seems to find education on many paths.  She has teaching experience as a mom, classroom aide, homeschool parent, substitute teacher, special education teacher, and currently as a part of Promontory’s 1-2 Community.  She graduated from USU in Early Childhood Education and has a birth through 5 Special Education certification.  Jennifer is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Special Education from University of West Florida. She is very excited for her new learning and teaching adventures at Promontory.


Jennifer lives in a small farming community with her best friend and husband, Robert, two amazing teenage girls, Rebecca and Rachel, her mom, Joyce, and their dog, Roofio.  They love to be together as a family and enjoy movies, camping, puzzles, laughing, and eating dinner together as often as possible.


Jennifer believes children are magical and full of wonder with gifts to share and even more to discover.  Children fascinate her.  She sees teaching as a privilege to watch the magic unfold everyday.


One of her favorite quotes is from Rita Pierson, 

“Every child deserves a champion, an adult who insists they become the best they can possibly be.” 


She is happy to join the crew of champions at Promontory.


Glenna Petersen

1/2 Crew Teacher

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Glenna Petersen grew up in Utah and was raised on a dairy farm. She lived her whole life here except for when she served a service mission in Kenya, Africa and taught at an International School in Bangkok, Thailand. She received her degrees at Utah State University in Elementary Education and Special Education. She was a founding member of Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning and taught here for 5 years. 


Glenna LOVES teaching expeditions and feels that each child has a passion and love for learning. She makes it her purpose at school to find each child's and co-worker's strengths. She wants each child to see the real-world relevance in their studies and help them to know they can make a difference in the world both now as elementary students and as they grow up. She strives to create a climate of all voices being heard and respected. 

Glenna grew up in a large family and has 5 children. She loves people, history, outdoors, adventures, and seeing the world through others eyes. Feel free to stop in and say hello to her!

"A good leader inspires other men and women with confidence. A great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves."

Reed B. Markham

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Tami Gerbich

1/2 Crew Teacher

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Tamalyn Gerbich, AKA Ms. Tami, is blessed to be the mother of seven amazing children and has six grandchildren with two more on the way. She was born in Trenton, New Jersey but lived most of her childhood between Maine and Texas. She graduated from Groesbeck High School where she varsity lettered in soccer and cross country.  Tami also loved music so she played trumpet from 6th grade all the way through college and was in many choirs throughout school and even as an adult.

Tami attended Tyler Junior College and earned a degree as a respiratory therapist which she practiced for 20 years, during which time she also became an EMT.  Tami moved to Brigham City in 2002 where she stayed until four years ago when she and her children moved to North Ogden.


Tami wanted to become a teacher since 6th grade and decided three years ago to make that dream a reality.  She graduated from Western Governor’s University by completing her bachelor’s degree in 2 years and 7 months. It was a tough road, but she remembered the words of her junior high teacher that always told her, “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.” That determination to succeed is something Tami has worked to instill in her children.


The examples from teachers throughout her life who showed kindness and emotional support for her classes during tough times have given her the desire to be the teacher that can make a difference in her students’ lives by being someone that they can trust and rely on. She wants to help students have the tools to succeed in life and face any challenge with an attitude of “I can do hard things!” Tami believes students learn more from hands on, getting down in the dirt and being adventurous. If she can teach a child a fun way to learn that makes them want to engage and participate then she feels that she is living her dreams.  She feels that learning is life long and that we learn when we venture out to try new things or when we read books that allow us to explore new concepts and show us new ways to improve.


Tami loves to do anything outdoors such as camping, hiking, swimming, skiing and especially jet skiing. She loves to cook, read, craft and create. Her favorite author is C.S. Lewis and she enjoys reading to her children and students to help them learn of the adventure in books. She is so excited to be part of Promontory and loves our school. She thinks the adventure and learning we do is AMAZING and has been so blessed to be part of that the last five years as a teacher’s aide and now as a 1/2 Crew Teacher. She looks forward to our new adventure this year.

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