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Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning provides compelling, real-world learning experiences both within the school and outside in the larger community and natural surroundings. 


As an Expeditionary Learning school, Promontory recognizes the value of student research at relevant sites of interest,  learning from local experts, and visiting resource-rich locations like museums, libraries, research institutions, operating businesses, farms, etc.

Promontory students participate regularly in such fieldwork and these outings are a core part of student learning, not merely fun excursions. 


Each trip includes specific topics of learning and various projects.  Students complete reflections of their learning upon return to the school.  Below are some examples of recent fieldwork trips and reflections.

studens hiking by a waterfall
students hiking with pack goat
students trying out beekeeper suits
students study plants in a botanical garden
students try on beekeeper's suits at deseret hive
students watch a honey extraction from a beehive
at student hikes through a rock crevice
student holding a desert lizard
Stuent refelction about fieldwork
Student reflecton about fieldwork
students working in the desert
students inspect a honeycomb tray
Student rapelling on large rock
Students studying nature
students on rock in southern Utah
Students hiking
Student reflection about fieldwok
Student reflection about fieldwork
Thank you note from student
Student reflection of fieldwork
Thank you note from a student
students completing fieldwork journals at City of Rocks, Idaho
Students studying foilage at Box Elder Campground
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