Throughout each learning expedition students work on multiple projects.  These are not add-on enrichment activities offered after core learning has been completed.


The projects themselves are the means of learning important skills and content standards during the school day.


Each learning expedition culminates in a final high-quality, student-created product that has real-world application.

Authentic Final Products Gallery

3/4 Community
Bee Friendly Expedition

3/4 community students studied bees in the spring of  2017.  Among many other details, they studied bee anatomy, honey production and why bees are important.

Their authentic final products for the expedition were art prints and note cards they created and sold at Promontory's Mega Celebration.  The funds were used to improve our Outdoor Learning & Adventure Center. 


5/6 Community
It's My Fault: A Study of
Earth changes

In the fall of 2017, 5/6 community students studied the different geological changes to Earth over time.  They also learned about faults, fault lines and earthquakes.  

For their final product, students created "Earthquake Safety" brochures that were mailed out to local residents with their  monthly utility bills.

It's exciting for students to see their learning has authentic real-world value!

1/2 Community
Hometown Helpers Expedition

1/2 community students studied Hometown Helpers.  They had visits from construction workers, nurses, Mayor Tyler Vincent from Brigham City, and police officers.  Some students even got arrested by "Jr" officers!

Student's authentic final product for the expedition was a published newspaper they handed out at Promontory's Mega Celebration.  These little reporters did a fantastic job!