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Adventure Coordinator/

Phys Ed Teacher

Damon Andreasen

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Damon Andreasen (aka Mr. A) was born and raised in southeast Idaho. He started teaching his junior year of high school when he and his brother opened their own karate studio.

After high school he worked at an outdoor youth ranch at Ricks College. He earned undergraduate degrees in recreation education and elementary education, and has his master’s degree in social work. He taught 5th grade before working in community mental health where he focused on working with youth and families in foster care.


Mr. A finally realized a life-long dream when he saw the Cubs win a world series! He has an amazing wife, 4 kids, 2 dogs and 2 chickens – as well as an amazing ability to call down the worst weather Utah has ever seen every time he goes on a school overnight fieldwork.

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Art Teacher

Jenn Dabb

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The art bug hit Jenn Dabb, AKA Ms. Jenn, at the young age of two when she found several gallons of paint in her grandpa's garage and used it to make his green car "pretty." A few months later she also painted her aunt's new linoleum floor. Following this incident, her parents decided to get her an art set to minimize the "beautifuciation" of relatives' property. She has never been without art supplies since.


After high school, Jenn decided to combine her love of art and love of being outside by getting a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture and environmental planning. Following graduation she worked as a landscape architect for a firm in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She enjoyed designing and building landscapes for homeowners, schools, corporate businesses, and even the military.


In 2013 Jenn and her son moved to Utah where she received her masters in art education and began teaching at Promontory School. Expeditionary Learning was a perfect fit for Ms. Jenn because she is a hands-on learner and feels that through this kind of learning, students will have a deeper understanding of content and the world around them.


One of Jenn's favorite quotes is: "Never let anyone tell you no that doesn't have the power to say yes." Eleanor Roosevelt

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Orchestra Teacher

Nathan West

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Nathan West started playing violin as a Suzuki student at age 6 and performed regularly in his community. After two years of church service, he attended Brigham Young University-Idaho,
receiving a Bachelor of Music Arts, String Emphasis degree, followed by a Master of Music,Violin performance degree from the University of Utah. At both institutions he was in the regular
rotation of top players in orchestras and small ensembles. Nathan supplemented his education with pursuits of Baroque performance practice and orchestral conducting.

Nathan has always enjoyed entertaining people of all ages and cultures with music and showmanship. He has performed solo recitals and in ensembles around the mid-West and
several times in Europe. He has found great joy, strength, and assurance in classical music throughout his life, and he now enjoys teaching the history, skills, musicianship and
performance practice to a new generation of musicians.


Percussion/Theater Director


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Heather Williams

Choir/Music Teacher

Heather Williams

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Heather Williams is a life-long singer and lover of music.  She began singing with her grandfather as soon as she could stand next to him on a stage.  Her experience and love grew while participating in “Music Company” (a children’s choir in Brigham City) and singing her way through junior high and high school. She went on to study vocal performance/pedagogy at both BYU and Utah State University, where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 1995 with a double major in Family and Human Development.

Heather has taught private vocal instruction for 30 years.  She has directed/taught a successful children’s performing choir for 12 years in both Orem and Brigham City. She has taught children from ages 3 to 53 and loves teaching all ages!  She has been a preschool teacher specializing in music, a music consultant for elementary schools, a co-director of TaVaci Trios and Teens groups, a middle school choir director, and substitute Women’s Choir director at USU. She loves sharing her love of singing with her four musical children and her music-loving (and very supportive) husband.

One of her favorite things about teaching music at Promontory School is that she gets to share her love of music with ALL ages of students, from Kindergarten age through 8th grade. Music is the ultimate expedition.  From the study of music, we learn about ourselves, other people, beauty, science, math, language, movement, and more! 


“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ― Bono

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Art Teacher

Makayla Griffin

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Makayla Griffin has been making art since she could hold a pencil. She loves being creative and trying new things. She has always had a passion for drawing and painting, but in school had the opportunity to branch out and try all sorts of mediums such as printmaking, photography, ceramics, and even dress-making. 

Mrs. Griffin has loved teaching about as long as she’s loved making art. As the oldest sibling and grandchild in her family, she grew up taking care of and teaching her peers. She has always loved inspiring others to be creative and to express themselves. In the beginning of high school her career in teaching really began. She volunteered at the Hogle Zoo where she would teach guests about the animals and conservation efforts they could participate in. She also began taking an Introduction to Education course where she learned the ins and outs of teaching and observed different classroom styles. She knew she wanted to be  an art teacher and inspire and encourage people to use their imaginations and express themselves. She wanted to make a difference and be someone students could go to if they needed help.

After high school Mrs. Griffin got a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Education at Utah State University. While there she built up her rapport as an artist by learning different techniques and studying art history. She also had many opportunities to teach in neighboring schools. With student teaching and substituting she was able to teach in a high school, middle school, and even a k-8 charter school. She loved teaching all the grades, but had a soft spot for the elementary students. She has loved every moment here at Promontory and is so excited to be a part of this crew and to teach such wonderful students.


BTS Dance Educator & Movement Specialist

Sandy Christensen

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Sandy Christensen (Ms Sandy), a passionate and experienced dance educator, began dancing early in life with friends in the backyard.  Sandy grew up studying ballet, tap, and jazz, and broadened her dance vocabulary to include modern, and loves experiencing cultural dance.

Sandy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Modern Dance from the prestigious University of Utah.  She has dedicated her career to the art of movement and education.

One of Sandy's true passions is teaching creative dance.  She firmly believes that children learn best by moving and encourages her students to explore the world through the lens of dance with enthusiasm and curiosity.

As an advocate for inclusive dance education, Sandy is well-versed in teaching adaptive dance for children, ensuring that every child, regardless of their abilities, can experience the joy of dance. Her expertise lies in modern dance, a genre that fosters self-expression and creativity, and believes that dance is a powerful tool for building confidence, discipline, and self-esteem.

Outside of the dance studio,  Sandy enjoys spending time with her family most of all.  They love water and winter sports and traveling together where the beauty of nature often provides a backdrop for creative ideas.  Sandy loves children’s picture books, and finding inspiration in the colorful images and words that ignite the imagination. 

Sandy  is a firm believer in the power of the arts to open minds, build a sense of community, and bring joy to life. She aims to create an environment where students not only learn the art form, but also the ability to observe, question, deconstruct, and create.

A quote from Twyla Tharp (one of America’s most important contemporary choreographers)  beautifully captures the ambitions and expansive nature of artistic vision.  


"I had always seen myself as a star. I wanted to be a galaxy." - Twyla Tharp

Sandy has been inspired by countless others to reach for the stars and beyond in her artistic pursuits.  It reflects her own desire to help others transcend limitations and reach for boundless creative possibilities.

With a heart full of love for dance and a dedication to sharing it with children, Sandy is the perfect dance educator to inspire and nurture the next generation of great thinkers and endless possibilities.

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